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We are here to bring out the beauty and the best in you with our treatments that are just as“feel good”as they are effective. We are dedicated to restoring beauty and balance through individual treatments and wellness journeys, personalized for you by our exceptionally skilled consultants and therapists.

  • We offer every Thursday, 50%OFF on Lymphatic, Hot-Stone Therapy and Aroma Body Therapeutics.

  • Every Friday, 40%OFF on Beauty Treatments.

  • Facial Treatments 20%OFF for (Non-Member), 30%OFF for (Member)

  • Hair Treatments 20%OFF for (Non-Member),40%OFF for (Member) 


(10:00 AM - 11:00 PM)

HLA Lifestyle Wellness Centre

HLA Service

Welcome to HLA Wellness Lifestyle Centre, the premier haven for beauty and relaxation in Myanmar. Immerse yourself in the serenity of our wellness sanctuary in which every detail has been designed to evoke a state of relaxation, vitality and total well-being. We are here to bring out the beauty and the best in you with our treatments.

We are dedicated to restoring beauty and balance through individual treatments and wellness journeys, personalized for you by our exceptionally skilled consultants and therapists. In addition to having your treatment consultation in Burmese, we have staff trained to assist you in Thai, English and Chinese. Our commitment to your well-being focuses on holistic principles combining ancient wisdom and modern expertise.

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Your Personal Therapists

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HLA Relax

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HLA Hair

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HLA Beauty

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VIP Suites

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Your Personal Therapists

HLA Lifestyle Wellness Centre offers you a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation and beauty treatments administered by expert therapists. You can choose from our range of skilled therapists who are classified by area of expertise and number of years as practitioners.

We have specialists with more than a decade of experience to entry-level therapists with less than three years of training and practising.You choose the treatment, and the level of experience and expertise in your specialist or therapist, and we will match you with the perfect practitioner.

HLA Relax

HLA Relax presents traditional Thai inspired treatments that de-stress and deliver complete relaxation. What was lost can now be found. Discover a sense of bliss, a more balanced and beautiful life and that state of wellbeing. Get back to simply feeling good about your body, mind and soul. In addition to below treatments, HLA Relax boasts a wide selection of various treatments founded on traditional Thai and Myanmar well-being practices.

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HLA Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. Own it. Love it. Care for it.
It’s time to treat yourself, HLA Hair Spa offers hair rebirth therapy, where your hair is nourished and conditioned with ingredients that help reverse damage and boost hair health.
HLA Head Spa serves as a facial for your hair and scalp. As opposed to a cure for poor hair and scalp conditions, the Head Spa acts a preventive by ensuring that the head is in its best natural condition. Perfect, glossy, smooth and manageable hair is part of our total beauty programmes
at HLA.

HLA Beauty

True beauty comes from within
Welcome to HLA Beauty, dedicated to women’s wellbeing and empowerment. HLA Beauty takes pride in being the premier home for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and goals who want to achieve their ultimate beauty and health, immersed in private, calm, all-women surroundings. We invite you to enter a world where we help you flourish, transform and re-discover your vitality. Experience a luxury wellness journey with us at our exclusive women’s only floor. You will be nurtured and pampered, relish in time to relax, free from responsibilities of daily life, with an experienced team to look after you.

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VIP Suites

In addition to our spectacular three-level facility, we also offer a truly unique, exclusive and bespoke experience for individuals and groups requiring a high level of privacy and hospitality with our VIP suites. HLA’s two VIP Suites, located in an adjoining two-storey building, offers absolute privacy for individuals, couples and party groups to enjoy private wellness in the seclusion of your own private suite. Plunge into the whirling bath, indulge yourself in the privacy of your own relaxing space at our two charming VIP rooms with bespoke treatment programmes.

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