Your Personal Therapists

HLA Lifestyle Wellness Centre offers you a wide range of holistic wellness, rejuvenation andbeauty treatments administered by expert therapists. You can choose from our range of skilled therapists who are classified by area of expertise and number of years as practitioners. We have specialists with more than a decade of experience to entry-level therapists with less than three years of training and practising. You choose the treatment, and the level of experience and expertise in your specialist or therapist, and we will match you with the perfect practitioner.

It is important to us that you are in good hands. At HLA Lifestyle Wellness Centre, your health, comfort and enjoyment are our prime concern. We take great care in selecting our specialists and therapists. We hire the best – and only the best. For us, all of our employees must meet and excel certain levels of expectations and standards set by our Founder. All the professionals at HLA are carefully chosen to ensure their skills are at the highest levels of their particular service
specialty. To ensure we deliver on our promise, we provide our team with regular, in-house vigorous learning sessions in order to keep pace with the latest trends and advancements in the wellness and relaxation industry.

HLA Specialists are our therapists and aestheticians at HLA Health delivering ancient Chinese medicinal-inspired treatments. They have more than ten years of experience and are our most seasoned practitioners. With more than a decade of identifying and treating physical discomfort, minor ailments and relieving stress points, our HLA specialists are expert in recommending the most appropriate therapies and remedies for you. 

Senior Therapists have five to eight years of experience and are accomplished in a variety of health and anti-aging therapies. All our therapists are well trained and expert in all of the HLA treatments on offer. Senior therapists have garnered five to eight years of practice and experience in providing abroad range of health and wellness treatments. These therapists demonstrate an exceptionally high level of competency for those with a price preference.


Intermediate Therapists  specialise in traditional Thai treatments and have three to five years of experience. And whilst they are competent in all areas of HLA therapies, they specialise in health and relaxation through traditional Thai treatments. These highly trained therapist, certified in Thailand, are not only endowed with the knowledge and skills to perform traditional treatments, but also the gracefulness, attentiveness and enthusiasm needed to render services authentically, wholeheartedly and effectively.

House Therapists are our HLA house trained therapists who offer exceptional value and service based on intermediate expertise. Whilst they may carry less than three years of experience, our entry-level therapists have completed rigorous training and meet HLA’s high standards. All are competent to deliver an exceptional experience and represent the best value.

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